19th Congress of the Asian College of Psychosomatic Medicine

Baikal Lake
Dear colleagues, on behalf of the Baikal Psychosomatic Association invite all of you to join the 19th Congress of the ACPM (Asian College of Psychosomatic Medicine) in Irkutsk, Russia on august 27–28, 2020. Ever since the 1st Congress of the ACPM took place in Japan in 1984 for the first time, every conference has been successful, gathering the participation of more than 300 internationally renowned scholars, professionals and medical doctors in the medical and health field. The Congress has been held in Japan, Korean, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Australia, and Mongolia. At the 19th Congress of the ACPM 2019, impressive invited lectures and concurrent sessions will deal with a variety of topics for main theme during three days. We believe this conference will be a great platform to connect the colleagues together and the valuable time to share and discuss various ideas and issues on psychosomatic medicine to leap forward psychological care and leadership from health care system. You can attend the Baikal Lake, which is the oldest (25 million years) and deepest (1,642 m) lake in the world. We hope you enjoy the sightseeing of the Baikal Lake, and do recreational activities during your stay in Irkutsk.
Conference chairs
Vasiliy Sobennikov, Lubov Richkova, Farid Belialov.

Anna Pogodina, Eugene Vinokurov.
 •  664003, Irkutsk, Russia, 16 Timiryazev Street, the Scientific Сentre for Family Health and Human Reproduction Problems.
 • baikalpsa@gmail.com.
 • +7-3952-207636, +7-3952-243368.