"You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself" Ken Thompson

CardioExpert program. SCORE2 score.
Mobile app CardioExpert III was developed for mobile devices with Android system in order to help the author in everyday cardiology practice and contains more than 200 useful tools (scales, calculators, guidelines, reference values for laboratory tests). The program includes English and Russian languages, the choice of which is determined by the system settings of the device.
CardioExpert is part of a personal medical ecosystem that the author has been developing for many years. The information is focused on modern cardiology practice, unlike comprehensive collections of scales in QxMD и MDCalc.

Last changes (version
+ NoSAS score, waist-to-height ratio, start app error fixed.
+ SCORE2 and SCORE2-OP scores with equations.
+ EKFC formula for glomerular filtration rate.
+ Mehran 2 score for contrast-associated acute kidney injury.
+ System SORT to estimate postoperative mortality.
CardioExpert I includes 40 popular scales and basic calculators. Program can be useful for beginner cardiologists and doctors of other specialties. One tool is selected for each task. Due to the great employment, the author does not develop the program, but strives to keep it up to date.

Last changes (version 7.8.266)
+ System GOLD ABE.
+ Spirometry Z-scale clarified.
+ Tenecteplase for ischemic stroke thrombolysis.
CardioExpert smartphone app: indications for pacing, corrected QT interval calculator
2022 — due to Google sanctions, development continued in CardioExpert III, which is hosted in Huawey AppGallery.
2020 — CardioExpert II rewritten in Kotlin.
2016 — CardioExpert II with advanced features was created.
2014 — CardioExpert I in Java was developed.
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