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MedCatalog (fwcatalog) includes the best medical publications and helps the author in analytical work. The database is updated weekly with important publications from top medical journals and guidelines. The catalog contains large sections on cardiology, comorbidity, psychosomatics, prognosis and scales. MedCatalog is part of the medical ecosystem, which has been developed for more than 20 years. Information is used for decision making, educational lectures and publications.

Last changes (version
+ Optimized messages.
+ Fixed copying of abstract from the search window.
+ Optimized graph of bibliographic references.
+ Updated links to medical resources.
+ Added internal archiver to save database.
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First database of medical publications was created in dBase III in 1991. Two years later, program was rewritten in Clipper language, and since 2002 it has been developed in Delphi, which has convenient tools for databases. In 2018, the database was transferred to a more reliable and faster SQLite, and in 2020, app for Android devices was developed (fmcatalog). Since the main scientific researches are published in English, all text resources are also translated into English. Program can run on Linux through Wine. The author uses the program almost daily and constantly updates it to improve it's efficiency.
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 • Run fcsetup.exe installer or simply copy the files from the archive to the specified folder.
 • After launching app, press the configuration button and set the optimal settings, or manually edit fcatalog.ini.
 • Program uses the database fcatalog.sqlite, located with fwcatalog.exe.
 • You can download the latest database fcatalog.sqlite and replace old file.
Literature catalog MedCatalog for Android devices
In order to quickly access the medical publications, app for mobile devices was created. Data entry and corrections are carried out in the desktop computer.

Last changes (версия
+ Document statistics by year.
+ Fixed search DOI bug.
+ File presence is marked with an asterisk.
+ The search box displays links from the last month.
+ Switching to the directory with document from the search window.
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